KCK Chamber Intern, JaNae Sudduth Biography

KCK Chamber Spring 2023 Internship
JaNae Sudduth, Senior at Crossroads Preparatory Academy

My name is JaNae Sudduth and I am currently a senior at Crossroads Preparatory Academy. I participate in track & field and cheerleading at the varsity level. I am also a member of the Senior Council at my school.

Upon graduation from high school, I plan on majoring in interior design and marketing in college. I possess excellent communication, organizational and problem-solving skills. My passion for design and marketing makes me a qualified candidate for any position related to those fields. I am creative, enthusiastic, and committed to any task I am given.

I have previously interned at The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and worked in the CCI Department. In addition to participating in the Chamber of Commerce, I also volunteered for the Small Business Awards and assisted with event planning and logistics. I am in Girl Scouts and have earned a Silver award in doing so. I work at the Black Archives Of Mid-America and I’m a member of BAYCON (Black Archives Youth Coalition Organization Network), which is a black student union coalition that provides youth with the opportunity to develop their ideas, respect their community, and be involved in community development.

I am passionate about removing the barriers that keep certain groups of people from seeking the truths on how to live life peacefully and the goal of my life is to leave the world a better place than it was before I got here. I also advocate for my community when it comes to protesting laws that limit women’s choices regarding their bodies.

I do this by engaging in outreach aimed at educating my community. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering and attending church events with my family. My favorite activities are archery, horseback riding, and pottery. I am excited for this opportunity to work and learn in the KCK Chamber Marketing Department and I hope to develop the necessary skills to accelerate in pursuing a career in design and marketing.

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