Good Morning,

I hope that this email finds you and your family healthy and well.

We recognize that you may be finding it difficult to run your business and we are here to help. As the community adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, the KCK Chamber of Commerce is working with local, State and Federal health officials, government agencies and elected officials to advocate for your support during these challenging times.

With that, we are implementing the following which will be available to our business community in need of assistance.

  1. We will promote your business/organization. If you are open, selling product, delivering goods, serving the community, we want to hear about it. We will be sharing your story through social media, our website and newsletters. The more you share, the more we will be able to provide. If you are interested, please contact Katelyn at


  1. We are buying local. As part of our promoting business, we will have buying blitzes at local businesses to help keep businesses open and staff employed.  Buying Blitzes would be dedicated purchasing days where we would encourage our community to purchase from a business via online or delivery/pick up. If you are interested, please contact Katelyn at


  1. We can connect you with help. Representative Davids’ office, the Small Business Administration and other resources are providing us with information to share regarding grants, loans and other programs. The information will be on our website soon, or you can call the Chamber office at (913) 371-3070.


  1. Join our COVID-19 Task Force. We are looking for business owners interested in developing strategies to keep our businesses running. Join our discussion on what the Chamber and our members can do to help each other to keep business thriving in KCK and the region. To join contact your Chamber President Daniel Silva at

We will be doing this for our entire business community, not just our Chamber members, because we are YOUR local Chamber. While we are entering what is a very challenging time for our community and our country, I am comforted to know that we are a community founded in faith, family and friends. Our hard work, drive and determination will get us through this.


Joab Ortiz
KCK Chamber of Commerce / Chairman of the Board

Click here for a link to Small Business Resources provided by the Department of Economic Development, Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS.