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Esteemed Members,

Cheers to a great 2022! As we end the year, all I can do is say thank you and offer gratitude to our wonderful KCK Chamber members, partners, sponsors, and community. Thank you for stepping forward with the organization, and thank you for your continued investment through a difficult two years of economic uncertainty. The pandemic brought upon us a new way of doing business that included virtual meetings, quarantines, work from home, masks, vaccines, capacity restrictions, testing and more. This Chamber was with you every step of the way, even as we battled for our own organization to maintain financial stability. Like many of you, we stared at dark times last year, one year after the pandemic started, and we wondered how we could elevate this organization and its value to our members after such a difficult year. 2022 was the year to for the KCK Chamber to bounce back boldly, embrace new work formats, maintain high levels of service and programming and continue the work that helps businesses thrive, be well informed and connected in-person and online! And, you know what, WE DID IT!

The KCK Chamber returned to in-person events in March 2021, but we have maintained a hybrid option whenever possible. In some cases, online meetings are the most efficient option, and we embrace this alternate option when necessary. However, we have always believed in the power of community, the power of doing business in-person. The KCK Chamber will always continue to offer virtual meetings and seminars, but we know the magic of what makes us great as a society has always been our ability to come together, inperson, see eye to eye, shake hands, make the deal or the compromise. You can’t turn your camera off inperson, and this year has been about returning to pre-pandemic times while embracing the new ways of doing business. The KCK Chamber hosted more than 150 events and committee meetings with more than 4,100 attendees. It was a slow process, but little by little things began to reopen, business began to bounce back, people began to reengage in-person, have coffee, have lunch meetings, be in crowded rooms. The pandemic almost defeated our way of life, but like always, our community bounced back, stood up, and did what was necessary to survive and thrive.

I am humbled to have served as President & CEO of the Chamber for 7 years. I am grateful for the support and trust I have been offered by our board, staff, members, partners, and community. I am inspired by our KCK Chamber team for their loyalty, and commitment to our great organization, for their belief in what our great business community and community at-large can be, what it will be. The KCK Chamber is a Convener, Champion, and Collaborator. We set out every day to deliver for our members – YOU. Every member is unique, every member is important. We are fully aware that our members and partners make calculated decisions on where to invest their hard-earned dollars. Our 550+ members are all looking for ROI and that ROI is different for each member. Therefore, our staff strives to offer a broad diversity of programming and events for businesses to engage as they see fit. There are so many ways to get involved including, but not limited to, our Public Policy Forums/events, a dedicated Women’s Division (Women’s Chamber Network), Young Professionals Initiative (KCK Forward), Small Business programming (Small Business University), Lunch & Learns, Business After Hours, Coffee Networkers and more. We encourage you as members to get engaged and participate in the programming and networking opportunities, and to contact us with ideas/speakers/programs that you feel will be beneficial for you and our community – we are here to be a partner to you!

I would like to extend a special thank you to our Board of Directors for their guidance, leadership and support. To Katelyn Kaminski, Ga’brielle Doran, Katie Vivas, and George Turner, I offer a heartfelt thank you for your hard work and passion, I truly appreciate each of you!

Here’s to a GREAT 2023!!!

Daniel Silva

President & CEO , KCK Chamber


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