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October 7

Welcome to the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce 2022 Awards Celebration Nominations. These awards celebrate the achievements of our members, the companies, individuals, and their teams of valued employees who make Wyandotte County a better place to live, work, and play. Winners will be recognized in person at our Annual Awards Celebration on Friday, November 18.

Each award is selected by a five-person review committee and will be judged based on the criteria included below. Recommendations can be accepted by the KCK Chamber staff, current membership, and the board of directors. Committee members are ineligible for awards and are not allowed to submit a nomination.

All nominated members must be in good standing with the KCK Chamber of Commerce at the time of the nomination deadline. 

You may nominate a business and/or person for each award category; however, you will only be granted one submission for each award. Click the link below, associated with the award you’d like to nominate.


This award celebrates a business that exemplifies the importance of collaboration by joining forces and leveraging resources for the greater good. Examples of partnerships are mentoring, networking, or contracting with another business, and/or a state, federal, or local government, to promote the Wyandotte County business community. This nomination should focus on the accomplishments of said partnership and why and how the contribution created a positive effect. 


This award recognizes a business that has shown a strong commitment to the community, made exceptional contributions of giving through volunteer work, fundraising, and advocacy, and has demonstrated professional integrity. This company has a thriving and diverse company culture that consistently works toward making a social, cultural, or environmental impact.


– Less than 25 employees
– Doing business in Wyandotte County
– Exemplifies customer satisfaction
– Demonstrates a positive business culture
– Has a reputation for integrity, diversity, and a high level of customer service in the community
– Has a corporate culture that prioritizes community involvement and partners with, or supports not-for-profit organizations, charities, or other community efforts with a financial and/or time commitment.


– Advocate for the Chamber and the Business community (professional career of 10+ years)
– Has a reputation for integrity, honesty, and champions high levels of service in the community above and beyond their paid position
– Demonstrates leadership through supporting community initiatives, organizations, and causes that will have a positive impact on community members
– Has achieved success in their career
– Made notable contributions to Wyandotte County personally and professionally through financial contributions and/or time.

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