The KCK Chamber Formally Submits Letter of Opposition to S sub for HB2344

Opposition to S sub for HB2344

Update: The Bill passed 21-17 in the Senate and is on the way to the House for a vote. The KCK Chamber will continue to monitor and update our Members and community.

March 23, 2023

The KCK Chamber of Commerce formally submitted a letter of Opposition to S sub for HB2344 today. The KCK Chamber believes S sub for HB2344 does not adequately address the need for affordable, quality childcare. Group sizes and teacher qualifications are the primary drivers of quality. Reducing professional development and training requirements for childcare staff, lowering the minimum age requirement to work in a childcare facility, and increasing the ratios of childcare staff to children diminishes quality and increases the risks to a safe environment for children.

The Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce supports policies and funding to improve working families’ access to affordable, quality childcare that is necessary for a stable and adequate workforce for business.

The KCK Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent over 500 business members and advocate for pro-business legislation on behalf of our membership. While the intent of S sub for HB2344 is appreciated, the KCK Chamber cannot support this bill.

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